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Rhona outside in wheelchair wearing sunglasses

Accessing cannabis - the endless waiting game


Despite the change in law, Rhona is still not able to access medicinal cannabis to help with her muscle spasms.

I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 1994, but my condition has recently advanced to secondary progressive MS.

I worked as an actress, singer and performer but had to retire from this work in 2014 through ill health.

MS affects pretty much every part of my body. I get spasticity in both legs and my joints are often painful 24 hours a day.

It’s not about getting high

I’ve never had, or wanted to have, any sort of high. I’m just looking at this as a medicine. I do know people with MS who have a spliff once a week and it worries me they could be taking too much.

Without any regulation, you just don’t know. I would only take a little pinch, if that’s all I’d need.

In the dark about cannabis

When I heard about the law changing I was so grateful. But my excitement quickly turned to disappointment.

After the law changed no one at the hospital seemed to know how they could or should proceed with prescribing cannabis. Although they’d seen all of the news stories, they had no clue how to get hold of it or how to prescribe it.

It’s not that they’re trying to avoid it. But they’re obviously just in the dark about how to access it as they hadn't been given any information.

Another tool in the armoury against MS

I'd like to see cannabis available widely on prescription for medicinal purposes. It doesn’t make sense that we are told ‘Yes, you can have it’, but then they won’t tell you how you can actually get it.

This blockage in the system is very frustrating. Doctors need extra tools in the armoury – people need to know where they can get cannabis and what it can be prescribed for.

It’s time for action

There are so few treatments available for the relief of the symptoms and effects of MS. It would be wonderful if this could be dealt with very quickly and made available now.

So that people can have the help, comfort and relief that they need every day.

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