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Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is the opportunity for members to have their say in how we're run.

This year's AGM will be held on Saturday 22 September at 11am at MS National Centre, 372 Edgware Road, London, NW2 6ND.

We’ll be adding more information to the page when voting materials are sent out early in August.


What am I voting on?

Members will be invited to vote on resolutions and to elect members to the Board of Trustees.

They will also elect members to each of the four National Councils.

How to vote

If you were a paid-up member of the MS Society on 23 June 2018, you will be entitled to vote.

Get in touch

More details will follow shortly.

However, if you have any questions ahead of our AGM, please email or call 020 8827 0470.

Alternatively write to the Governance Manager at MS National Centre, 372 Edgware Road, London NW2 6ND.