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Image of Isobel, who lives with MS, sitting by a loch

What I learnt at Living Well with MS sessions

Hannah Maunder

I was diagnosed with MS in 2013. I signed up to the sessions because I wanted to learn new techniques to help me live well with my MS. I also wanted to meet others living with MS. I’m a bit like a sponge, I want to learn what I can about MS and keep on top of new things.

You're not alone

I was excited about meeting people who would understand what it’s like to have MS, although I was a bit nervous too because I hadn’t met other people with MS before.

I needn’t have worried though: meeting others was an enjoyable part of the sessions and I felt I wasn’t alone.

Just the right pace

I was also a bit worried about my MS brain fog kicking in and that things would happen too quickly for me to pick up.

But the presentation of the sessions was delivered at just the right pace. The people running it were down to earth, human and I felt listened too.

Setting goals

One of the techniques I learnt was goal setting. We set these on a daily basis. Goals can be small - for example, taking a shower - but can be challenging for someone living with MS.

I liked this section of the sessions and have been putting into practice since. Setting goals makes you do things!

Sharing my feelings

The other thing I found really useful was looking at communication skills, like expressing how you feel to your partner. Often when my partner asks how I feel, I say I’m fine because I don’t want to worry them.

But since the sessions I’ve been opening up and talking about how I feel, because I recognise that I need to share and show my feelings.

About our Living Well with MS sessions

Are you newly diagnosed with MS? Would you like to speak to other people who’ve also recently been diagnosed? Our Living Well with MS sessions could be for you! As well as connecting with others with MS, you’ll learn the skills to achieve daily goals and learn how to live well with MS.  Find out what sessions are coming up.