Claire with her chosen shoes for the big wedding day

The wedding crasher: MS and planning our big day

Last summer my fiancé James made me the happiest girl in the world when he asked me to marry him.

We were on holiday in Berlin and it was a very romantic proposal under the Brandenburg Gate!

We're now starting the huge task of planning our Big Day. There’s a lot to consider. When and where? Kilt or suit? What colour of dress? Who to put on the guest list? For us deciding the guest list is actually pretty simple - with one exception.

Unpredictable and uninvited

It'll be there on the day totally uninvited. An unwanted presence, which requires thinking and planning around its unpredictable and sometimes cruel nature.

Who or what is it? It is of course my MS, and even at these very early stages of wedding planning, we've had to take it into account.

Choosing our venue

We’ve set a date and now have a venue. We fell in love with the first place we saw. Not only is the Trades Hall in Glasgow beautiful, historic and majestic, it is fully accessible and disability friendly. It has a lift, it’s spacious and it has plenty of facilities.

I was delighted by this as I don’t know what my health and mobility will be like in October 2018. For now, I'm trying to put that to the back of my mind and not let it spoil the pre-wedding buzz. I can at least rest assured that the venue will be suitable whatever may be.

Heels or flats?

I am a shoe person and bought my wedding ones shortly after our engagement - despite not having a dress yet. I chose two pairs: heels should I still be as I am just now, and also a pair of flats.

Again, I’m taking into consideration that I don't know how things will be with my walking and balance a year down the line. I'd love my dad to walk me down the aisle wearing my fancy high heel Vivienne Westwoods. All being well this will happen, but I want to be prepared and avoid disappointment. My flat Westwoods are just as lovely!

Keep calm and enjoy the day

There is still a lot to organise before the Big Day but I refuse to become a ‘Bridezilla’. I'm sure James and my bridesmaids Lynsay, Jenny and Lisa will be happy to hear that!

I find my MS thrives on stress and tends to make it come out to play. So I'm determined to stay calm and enjoy what should be a very fun and exciting time.