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Life wi the Broons: discovering new hobbies

Anne Brown

The fifth in a series of blog posts by our Scots writer, Anne Brown.

I’ve given up hobbies that I used tae love. One in particular was purely fur safety reasons. Hubby and I used to go line dancing! Yeah I know, hoo sad wur we? But we really enjoyed it.

It got a bit too dangerous tho’ when I cudny spin without landing oan ma backside, and cudny keep in a line. Umpteen poor souls got their feet trampled before I hud to admit defeat and gie away ma cowboy boots. This wisny admitted tae easily, and took a guid few greets in the toilet when I cudny manage a new step, before I hud tae admit defeat.

Hobbies are important tho’, they are a gatherin o’ like minded folk who otherwise might no get together.

Apart fae dancing, ma other hobby’s words! In fact anybody that knows me wud say that it’s no a hobby, it’s all I dae! I’m very aware that I niver shut up and dinny take offence when folk tell me to be quiet. One instance wis when I wis havin a lively discussion wi hubby. At the end o’ sayin ma piece I slapped the table and said, “I rest my case!” Poor long sufferin hubby said, “Aye, but you dinny rest your mooth”.

Anyway, back to words. I found a creative writin class. I love it. It’s run by Stirling Adult Education and we meet every Wednesday afternoon. We huv a tutor and she gits the auld creative juices flowin. It’s like an exercise class fur the brain cells, flexin bits o’ the brain that’ve been dormant since school days.

We’re a motley crew, folk o’ different ages, different backgrounds, different life experiences but a’ wi a story tae tell. One writes for her community newsletter and provides a service that helps bring the community together. One is a retired gentleman who’s had an amazin and varied life and writes lovely wee stories and poems about things he’s seen and done.

These folk huv become friends, folk I’d niver have come across otherwise, but they know things about me that I’d niver share wi others. I’ve written stories, and even touched on a bit poetry although I canny get my heid round it. I’ve even started writin my life story. I can jist hear my mither at the audacity o’ that. “Writin is it? Can hardly write her name, how on earth’s she gonny write a book?”.

Writin gies me a voice tho’, it’s where I can say what I want tae. It gies me a release fur a’ they feelins that you get when you canny dae something, the anger, the frustration, the sadness of what cud huv been, bit isny. I jus put it a’ doon on paper and it’s gone oot ma heid. I write aboot the happy tae, and the funny things that happen when you’re stuck wi a stick, on crutches or usin wheels.

I don’t need to be mobile to write, a’ I need is to be able tae use a pencil or a computer. I can write almost anywhere or anytime, whenever I need to have my say aboot somethin. It’s turned into a kinda therapy instead o’ just a hobby, but who’d have thought that at 55 I’d be back in class, and doin homework fur the teacher?

Illustrations by our wonderful volunteer, Elfreda Crehan.

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