Memory and thinking

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Problems with memory and thinking - also called 'cognitive problems' - can affect people with MS, but most people will be affected mildly.

There are plenty of tips to help with these changes, and neuropsychologists can also help you deal with them.

Not everyone with MS will develop cognitive problems, and many who do will only be mildly affected. Cognitive problems can be caused by MS, but they can also be affected by other things, including stress, fatigue and infections.

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The kind of problems that are more common in MS include difficulty concentrating, being unable to find the right word (‘it’s on the tip of my tongue’) and short term memory problems.

Find out more about problems with cognition

Cognitive problems have different meanings for different people, and this can affect the way they react.

Some cognitive problems are temporary while others may be permanent. But there are many tools and ways to help you cope with the changes. 

If you experience cognitive difficulties, strategies and tools to compensate are not just useful, they may be essential to keep up your lifestyle, relationships, and self-esteem.

Many people can identify the areas that are causing problems and work out ways to deal with them.

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