Campaigns in Scotland

With your help, we take action on the issues affecting people living with MS in Scotland.

Making Scotland’s new welfare system make sense

For the first time ever powers over some disability benefits are coming to Scotland. These include Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Carers Allowance. We’ve been asking you what you want to see in the new social security system, and you’ve told us:

  • less face to face assessments
  • lifetime awards
  • easier application forms
  • a system which is flexible to the needs of a fluctuating condition such as MS.

The Bill to establish a new Scottish social security system was passed in April 2018. It will be a while before it is fully up and running, but we’re working hard to make sure the voice of the MS community is heard and that the system works for people living with MS. 

Read our response to the government consultation on the new social security system

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Tell your MSP we need to scrap the 20 metre rule

Access to treatments in Scotland

In Scotland a new medicine must be approved by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) before it can be widely prescribed on the NHS.

We engage in this process as a patient group partner. For each new medicine we provide a patient group submission. This is developed by consulting people living with MS, including those who have experience of the new medicine and people that would potentially benefit from taking the new medicine.

You can get involved in this process by joining our campaigns community

Read more about how the approval process works in Scotland

There are over a dozen DMTs for MS available on the NHS in Scotland. However, our research shows that in Scotland only 61% of people that are eligible to take a DMT are currently taking one.

Read more about our research into access to treatments

We've been finding out how people in Scotland with relapsing MS make decisions about whether to take a DMT, and which DMT to take.

We published what we found in our report into prescribing practices for DMTs: Right Treatment, Right Time.