Campaigns in Northern Ireland

We work with people living with MS to influence decision makers, politicians and health and social care providers. We do this to improve the services and support available to people with MS and their families in Northern Ireland.

Access to treatments in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland there is generally good access to disease modifying therapies (DMTs). We work closely with MS professionals, health trusts and commissioners to make sure treatments are available. Working to improve access to treatments across Northern Ireland is an ongoing part of our work and we engage directly with decision makers to do this.

Read our recent report on access to treatments, care and support 

Waiting times

One of the major issues facing people with MS in Northern Ireland is unacceptably high waiting times. People wait too long to see consultants and MS nurses, and for diagnostic tests and treatment. They can’t always get the support they need or that their medical professionals would like them to receive.

People who aren’t on a treatment don’t always have access to professionals and those on treatments don’t always get the monitoring and review they need for that treatment. We think that is unacceptable.

End the wait

Our Northern Ireland End the Wait campaign is working to address the difficult issue of waiting times. We’re working with MS professionals to highlight the challenges facing the system and what sort of network or services should be in place to meet the needs of people with MS.

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Making the welfare system make sense

Across the UK, our MS:Enough campaign is calling on the UK government to make welfare make sense. 

We also work directly with decision makers in Northern Ireland to make sure the voices of our MS community are heard.

Become a campaigner in Northern Ireland

We work on the ground in Northern Ireland to influence and create change for people living with MS. We do this in partnership with our supporters, volunteers and people with MS.

We have a local group of campaigners made up of staff and volunteers working to secure the changes needed. If you want to get involved we'd love to hear from you.

For more information, please get in touch with our Policy, Press and Campaigns Manager Stewart Finn by email: [email protected].