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UK Government consults on disability benefits

The UK Government just released their plans to improve disability benefits, known as a green paper. Now they want to hear your thoughts on their proposals.

We've waited two years for the Health and Disability Green Paper. Now we have an opportunity to make sure the UK Government knows what they need to do to make benefits work for people with MS.

Tell UK Government how to make benefits make sense

Why welfare isn't working for people with MS

We know personal independence payment (PIP) is failing people with MS. From the unfair 20 metre rule to inaccurate ‘informal observations’, and assessments that don’t reflect how MS is different for everyone and from day to day. This is costing people their independence.

We need an assessment process we can trust. Decisions need to be backed up by evidence not assumptions, and assessments carried out by people with good knowledge of MS.

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Make benefits make sense

You can help make benefits make sense by responding to the consultation. They're asking people to give their opinions, so let’s make sure the views of people with MS are taken into account.

The Government is asking:

  • How they can improve the PIP assessment and the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Universal Credit.
  • How they can improve current services, including assessments, decisions and support.
  • How they can improve employment support.
  • If they should introduce an advocacy service to support people trying to access benefits. And how it would work.
  • What big changes they could make to improve disability benefits services.

Tell UK Government how to make benefits make sense

Time for the UK Governments to make real change

Anastasia Berry, our Policy Manager, says: “After two years the Health and Disability Green Paper has finally been published. MS is relentless and painful. And the long wait has meant many have had no choice but to endure deeply flawed PIP assessments – resulting in being denied vital support.

“While we cautiously welcome many of the ambitious long-term proposals, what we need now is to see real change that makes our welfare system fit for purpose, including scrapping the senseless 20 metre rule.

“For the next 12 weeks – to align with the consultation dates – we’ll be encouraging people with MS to share exactly how benefits can work for them. And making sure the Government hears us loud and clear.”

Tell UK Government how to make benefits make sense

Read the full Health and Disability Green Paper on GOV.UK