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Black History Month logo, black B, followed by a negative space H and a Black B. Tagline reads Dig Deeper, Look Closer, Think Bigger

Black History Month: Proud to be

This year's Black history Month theme is Proud to be and we're Proud to be celebrating it for the second time.

Last year we renewed our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, in recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement. As part of that commitment, we also marked UK Black History Month for the first time in its long and rich history.

We know we were slow to get involved. But now we have, we’re committed to centring the experiences of our Black MS community within Black History Month. As well as improving representation all year round.

Representation matters

We know we have a long way to go to be truly representative of our MS community. We have an action plan we’re working through to improve representation at every level of our organisation and provide services and support for everyone in our community.

As part of that, we want to celebrate the stories of the many Black people in our MS community and highlight the unique challenges they face. It's a vital part of our work to better represent everyone living with MS.

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month (BHM) is a month of events in October which celebrate the culture, history and achievement of Britain’s African and Caribbean communities. Find out more about Black History Month on the BHM website

Proud to be...

The Black History Month theme this year is Proud to be. We’ve invited people in our community to reflect on why they’re proud of who they are, their history and the people who inspire them.

We’ll be sharing stories in our blogs and on social media that centre the voices of Black people in the MS community. We’ll hear from researchers, young bloggers, volunteers, colleagues and people all across the community on what Black History Month means to them.

And we'd love to hear from you!

Why are you Proud to be?

We'd love to share your story of what makes you Proud to be this Black History Month. The theme is about celebrating and sharing the pride people have in their heritage and culture – in their own way, in their own words.

If you'd like to share your story, use our story form to tell us about yourself, and why you're Proud to be. And what it means to you.

You could share your personal story, write about representation, or talk about a Black person in history who makes you proud to be who you are.

Share your story of why you're Proud to be

We're committed to sharing MS stories all year round so even if you don't think your story is for Black History Month we welcome you to share it anyway.

We will always check back with you before sharing anything you tell us online.