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Use your influence to stop MS

MS research is ready and so are we. Will you use your clout to help stop MS?

We’re in the best place we’ve ever been to find life-changing treatments for everyone with MS. By 2025, we want to be in the final stages of testing treatments for everyone with MS.

But we can only do it together. Will you join #TeamStopMS and help spread the word?

Could you:

  • paint your social media in Stop MS Appeal colours?
  • donate time, money, energy?
  • come up with all the amazing things we haven’t thought of?

#TeamStopMS is for anyone and everyone. Because only together, will we stop MS.

Can't stop thinking about tomorrow?

Tell us what an end to MS would mean to you, and share it on your social channels.

You can do a video, a selfie post, or something completely different - it's up to you!

Recording a video?

  • Make sure it’s filmed in high resolution and the sound is clear
  • Begin the video by telling us who you are and how long you’ve been living with MS
  • Spend a minute or less talking about what it would mean to you if MS was stopped tomorrow. How would your life be different?
  • Finish the video by either saying ‘I won’t stop thinking about tomorrow’ or ‘Together we can stop MS’

Share the video on your social channels with the hashtag #StopMS

Prefer to post a selfie?

Write a post or hold up a card that tells us...

My hope for tomorrow...

Post your selfie and your hopes on your social channels with #StopMS. Tag us and we'll re post or tweet you.

Want to create your own content?

Ivo holds a sign that says My hope for tomorrow: A world where MS feels not just manageable but conquerable

Tell the world: we're ready to stop MS

Could you spread the word about our Stop MS Appeal on your social media channels?

We've made these banners and graphics you can download and use to tell everyone: it's time to stop MS.

Don't forget to tag our accounts so we can send you a virtual high five!

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The next research breakthrough is in reach

Your donation will help stop MS.

  • Please enter an amount

    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

£30could process one blood sample, giving researchers crucial information about genes and the immune system.

£50could pay for an hour on a microscope, so scientists can study cells and tissue in greater detail and improve their understanding of the biology of MS.

£100could pay for half an hour of MRI use, so researchers can monitor the success of clinical trials and understand MS in more detail.

Every penny you give really does take us a step closer to stopping MS. Your donation will make a difference.

  • Please enter an amount

    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

£10a month could pay for lab equipment like microscope slides to study the building blocks of MS

£20a month could pay for lab equipment like petri dishes to grow bacteria important for studying genetics

£30a month could process a blood sample to help us understand what causes MS, so we can stop it in its tracks

Your regular donation means we can keep funding world class MS research with confidence. Together we will stop MS.

MS researcher at work in lab, using a pipette