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Managing fatigue

There are lots of things you can try to minimise your levels of fatigue.

Making sure you get proper rest, scheduled into your day, as well as learning to prioritise key tasks, can make fatigue easier to manage.

Combining sensible exercise with a balanced diet can help you maintain a healthy weight and get the energy you need. Some drug treatments can also help fatigue.

Exercises to help with fatigue

It might seem to go against common sense, but research shows that exercise can help with fatigue. Regular exercise can help you maintain muscle strength, improve your mood, and help with sleep - all of which can give you more energy.

We worked with neurophysiotherapist Rachel and Pilates instructor Beth to create exercises to help you manage your fatigue. You can do the exercises at home without any special clothes or equipment. There is an audio described version of this video.

Ways to manage

  • Download our booklet about MS fatigue