Yoga for MS

Yoga can help you manage your MS. Research tells us exercise can improve your mood, mobility and muscle strength.

Yoga has elements of relaxation and mindfulness, as well as gentle stretches and strengthening for your muscles.

It helps most when you practice often, and over a longer period of time. Stick with it – the more you do it, the better it’ll feel.

Start with easy poses and slowly try more challenging ones. You can try seated versions from a wheelchair or a firm chair with a solid back. Ask for help when you’re unable to move through a yoga pose on your own.


Fatigue is one of the most common MS symptoms.

Yoga can bring improvements in strength, fitness and mood. All these might help you to manage your fatigue. Good posture can also help your body work more efficiently, causing less strain and using less energy.


Yoga and stretching exercises can help you treat and manage symptoms. This includes gentle stretching exercises that move each joint as far as possible in all directions.

It'll may also improve flexibility and you may feel less muscle stiffness.

Our teacher Laura has MS herself. She’s planned these videos so you’ve got a yoga workout that suits how you feel today.