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NICE reject ocrelizumab for primary progressive MS

Ocrelizumab (brand name Ocrevus) is currently available to treat people with relapsing MS in England and Wales. However, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) announced this morning it won't make the treatment available for primary progressive MS.

Why have NICE said no to ocrelizumab?

NICE say ocrelizumab costs too much for the benefits it can provide. In medical trials of the drug, people with primary progressive MS saw an average drop of around 25% in the risk of their disability getting worse.

Campaigner Holly, who has primary progressive MS says the decision is simply wrong.

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Ocrelizumab could help slow down my MS and give me back control of my future. This decision is simply wrong. I don’t have any other treatment options. Holly, campaigner with primary progressive MS

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Drug manufacturer offers lower price

Roche, the company that makes ocrelizumab have offered a lower price, but NICE are not allowed to accept a different price from what they pay for it to treat relapsing MS. Roche have called for NICE to be allowed to consider their lower price and hope a solution can be reached.

What can we do to reverse this decision?

We’re calling for NICE, Roche and NHS England to put patients first and agree a deal to make ocrelizumab available at a price the NHS can afford. We've made a petition so we can all speak up together. It will be open for two weeks.

Our Director of External Affairs, Genevieve Edwards, says:

This is a deeply disappointing decision, denying many desperate people access to a treatment which may slow down their disability progression.

"MS can be painful and often exhausting. For many people living with primary progressive MS – who have no NHS treatment options – ocrelizumab offered them a shot at a better future.

“Right now our utmost priority is ensuring everyone who could benefit from this treatment is given that opportunity.”

Add your voice to #SpeakupforMS

Tell NICE, Roche and NHS England: People with primary progressive MS need treatments.

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