DMTs outside the UK

Our disease modifying therapy (DMT) information covers the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). This page tells you what's available on the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. There's also a link that takes you to MS organisations in all other nations. They can tell you what's available in their own country.

Use these links to find out about what DMTs are available locally.

Outside the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man

What's available to treat MS outside the UK (including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man) is different depending where you live. The best way to find out what's in your country is to visit the Multiple Sclerosis International Foundation (MSIF) to find your local MS organisation.


All treatments available in England are currently available in Jersey (including HSCT). If you'd like to take our DMT tool again, choosing England will give you all the choices available in Jersey.

Guernsey and Alderney


Not available

Isle of Man


All the above drugs apart from alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) are given on the Isle of Man. Alemtuzumab is given at The Walton Centre in Liverpool.

Not available

Manx Care are planning to introduce the newer DMTs over the next few years. We'll keep this page updated.