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Be in a study

There are lots of ways to get involved in research, from completing a questionnaire to being in a clinical trial of a new treatment.

What types of studies are there?

There are lots of different kinds of study to get involved with. And not all of them involve new treatments or programmes. You can:

  • fill in surveys or questionnaires
  • take part in research to understand the causes of MS
  • be part of studies that aim to develop services and support for people with MS.

There are also also observational studies, which help researchers to understand how different lifestyle or environmental factors impact on a person's risk of MS, or how their MS develops.

Finally you can get involved in clinical trials of new treatments or interventions.

If you have any questions about being in a study you should contact your doctor, MS nurse or neurologist.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials test whether new treatments, from drugs to physiotherapy, are safe and effective. A huge range of potential MS treatments are now being tested in clinical trials.

Find out about trials that are recruiting in the UK on the UK Clinical Trials Gateway website

MS Register

Our MS Register is a ground breaking study designed to increase our understanding of living with MS in the UK. Joining the study is easy, you just need to create an account and complete a series of simple questionnaires.

Find out more about the MS Register

Other ways to get involved

You don't need to take part in a study to shape the future of MS research. Be a part of our Research Network and help us set our research programme.

Join our Research Network