New research finds Nintendo Wii could help MS symptoms

Our researchers have found that using the Nintendo Wii could improve MS symptoms. These include balance, pain and fatigue, as well as confidence and mood.

The study involved 30 people with MS who didn’t exercise regularly. Participants were asked to use Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort games at home with the support of a physiotherapist.

The results add to growing evidence that exercise can have a positive impact on MS symptoms.

The study was a collaboration between Bournemouth University and Poole Hospital.

More evidence for getting active

Cathy John, aged 37 from Poole, took part in the study. She said: “My MS symptoms worsen when my body temperature rises so exercise is difficult for me, but using the Wii enabled me to exercise safely.

“The programme was tailored for me and I worked on my balance, coordination and body strength – it was fun, too! I saw an improvement in my symptoms and this had a positive effect on my mental health.”

Our support

We gave over £127,000 seed funding to this project and worked closely with researchers to make it happen.

Imogen Scott Plummer, our Head of Care and Services Research, said: “Exercising regularly is important when you have MS – as it is for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’re really pleased to fund research like this, which looks at new and fun ways to keep people active in a way that’s tailored to their capabilities.”