Using virtual reality games to help people with MS with rehabilitation

About the project

Up to three quarters of people with MS experience problems with their arms and/or hands. These problems can happen because of things like muscle weakness, tremor and poor coordination.

It can be hard for people to stay motivated to take part in rehabilitation programmes over a long period of time. New technology may improve motivation by using games for exercise. These games can be designed so the movements in the game mimic those that people with MS find difficult, like turning a key in a lock.

This project will investigate if virtual reality games could help people with MS who have problems with their arms and hands to engage with a rehabilitation programme.

How will it help people with MS?

Problems with arm and hand movement can lead to difficulties carrying out activities of daily living, such as doing up buttons or lifting a cup. People with MS who have upper limb problems are less likely to be in work or take part in social activity. They also have poorer quality of life. A series of games delivered in a virtual reality environment should encourage people with MS to take part in a training programme. And ultimately improve their ability to use their arms and hands.

The difference you can make

By donating today, you can help make sure people with advanced MS can carry on doing all the vital tasks in everyday life.