Hollyoaks’ Nancy Osborne faces her MS diagnosis

Published date: 19 Jan 2017 at 1:04PM

Hollyoak's Nancy Osborne in front of shelves of folders. Photo: Lime pictures

Hollyoaks' Nancy Osborne (Photo: Lime Pictures)

This week Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks will be broadcasting a new storyline where a main character, Nancy Osborne, finds out she has MS.

Who is Nancy Osborne?

Played by Jessica Fox, Nancy is a young mum in her late 20s who’s been involved in numerous main storylines since 2005. She’s married to Darren Osborne and is the Deputy Headteacher at Hollyoaks High.

Nancy’s MS symptoms

Nancy's character has been experiencing a series of unexplained symptoms for a few months – including weakness, tremor and spasms. In this episode, she'll have an appointment with her neurologist where she'll get her MRI results and be told she has relapsing MS.

Lived experiences of MS

The script writers got in touch with us to ask for advice about MS. We were happy to give them accurate information about MS and its symptoms, but we know it’s up to Hollyoaks to decide how they use our feedback.

We also introduced the scriptwriters to people with MS who shared their own experiences of the condition.

Real life Nancy

One of the people we asked was Kirsty, who’s a 32-year-old accountant and mum to 4-year-old Lottie. 

Kirsty who has MS and her daughter Lottie.

Kirsty and Lottie (Photo: Kirsty)

She was joined by her close friends, sisters Kat Garner and Vicki Bithell, whose parents have MS.

Kirsty said:

"This was the first time I opened up to such a large group of people about how I feel about my MS.

"At one point I got quite choked up, but we really wanted to show what it’s like living with MS and how it feels to watch someone you love battle often debilitating symptoms every day.”

When’s it on?

You can tune in

  • tonight Friday 20 January on Channel 4 at 6.30pm
  • Sunday 22 January during the Hollyoaks omnibus on Channel 4 from 9am-12pm

MS information and support

If you’re affected by any of the themes raised in the episode, you can talk to us on the MS Helpline. It's open between 9am and 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am and 7pm on Wednesday.

It will also be open this Sunday 22 January from 10am-2pm for anyone wanting to talk about the episode.

MS Helpline - 0808 800 8000 / helpline@mssociety.org.uk

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