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Frances Whinder

Frances Whinder
Photo: A small white dog shaking water from itself

Top tips for staying cool in the heat

Summer's arrived and the temperature is hotting up. While lots of us enjoy the blue skies, for some of us, the heat plays havoc with our MS. We asked you for your top tips for staying cool as the mercury rises. From cooling wrist bands to frozen grapes and new uses for the kids' paddling pool, you were full of great ideas. Read on to find new ways to combat the heatwave and don't forget to share your tips with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Image shows Yvette practicing yoga

“Yoga is a huge part of how I manage my MS”

Before I was diagnosed with MS, I was working as a divorce lawyer. I spent most of my days sitting at a desk. I’d go to the gym at 7pm and usually come out feeling like I’d been on an assault course (noise, heat, adrenalin).

Image of Sally, Ciaron and Bowser the dog

MS, my rescue dog, and me

When Sally Deegan and her husband adopted a rescue dog, they hoped he’d help them find happiness, but he’s done a lot more than that…