MS Active Together

MS Active Together is about helping you be more physically active. Everyone's MS is different, but exercise can help everyone – no matter how MS affects you.

Thanks to research, we know physical activity improves everything from mobility and mood to fatigue and balance.

We know you need the right exercises to suit you though. So we got on the case.

Exercise videos for you

We got active and developed a whole series of workouts, for different levels of mobility and symptoms. We've worked with instructors like Dom - a personal trainer who specialises in working with people with disabilities. His mum had MS, so he gets it.

Pilates and MS

We also worked with pilates instructors Beth Svarovska and Ruth Reid and their clients Alvina and Simon to create a series Pilates and MS videos. They're suitable for all levels of mobility.

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Simple exercises for MS

Dom's workouts are for everyone. To get started, decide which of the below descriptions sounds most like you and follow the links to watch our workout playlists. Your journey to moving more with MS is about to begin.

I use a wheelchair

Watch Dom's tailored playlist to start strengthening your arms and shoulders to reduce stiffness. Take things at your own pace and take a break if you need to.


I have trouble walking

This series of videos covers both seated and standing exercises to help your balance and stability. We've thrown in some mat work to boost your core too.


My symptoms don't affect my mobility

If your MS doesn't affect your walking then this is the playlist for you. These videos cover cardio and core, as well as lower and upper body exercises. Ready, steady, go...

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While I'm at the gym I know I’ll feel great. I'll get totally caught up in the moment, which is good for stress relief.

The feeling of my legs getting stronger is brilliant too.
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