Moving more with MS

It can be hard to stay active when you have MS. But there are ways to move more and stay healthy.

A healthier lifestyle can help manage some of your MS symptoms, improve your mood, and keep your body working at its best.

Speak to our Physical Activity Specialist

Our Physical Activity Specialist can help you explore ways to move more and eat more healthily using different approaches, like:

  • working with you to make an individual action plan to help you make the changes you want to see
  • providing information, and telling you where you can go for help to stay active
  • helping you find things to do in your local area that are easy for you to get to and use.

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Are you a healthcare professional?

You can refer people to the Move More with MS service to receive support from our Physical Activity Specialist.

What are the benefits?

No matter what kind of MS you have, a healthier lifestyle can:

  • help you enjoy better balance
  • help you stay as mobile and active as possible
  • lower your risk of heart disease
  • keep your body working at its best
  • help you manage your weight

Contacting our MS Helpline about moving more

Our MS Helpline can talk to you about a mix of approaches to help you manage your MS better. No matter where you live in the UK, we can:

  • provide information on how to stay active in the home or community
  • tell you about seated, standing, or floor-based exercises
  • give you general information on nutrition and stopping smoking, including signposting you to specialist services
  • help you find things to do in your local area

You can contact our MS Helpline by: