Sleep and MS: podcast series

Everything you ever wanted to know about sleep and MS but were too tired to ask.

Everything you ever wanted to know about sleep and MS but were too tired to ask. We know people with MS can have their sleep affected. That's why we created this podcast, spoke to experts on sleep, MS, and everything in between.

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Episode 1

To kick-off this series, we heard from Dr Neil Stanley - an independent sleep expert who’s been researching sleep for more than 40 years. Neil shares his opinions on sleep in general. And although his insights aren’t MS-specific (we’ll dive into MS and sleep later in the series), his expertise gets us off to a great start.

Content warning: this episode mentions childhood trauma.

Episode 2

Roxy speaks to Dr Stephanie Romiszewski – a sleep clinician and Director of the Sleepyhead Clinic. They cover some hot topics in the field of sleep, from sleep hygiene and building up a sleep drive to cheese nightmares!

Episode 3

In this episode, Roxy and George look at two MS symptoms that can affect sleep. Roxy interviews MS nurse, Razia Khan, about MS pain and sleep. And Rhianna, who lives with MS, speaks to bladder and bowel expert, Anne Yates.

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Episode 4

Roxy’s joined again by MS nurse, Razia Khan. In this episode, Razia answers your MS and sleep-related questions.

Episode 5

Professor Rona Moss-Morris is a health psychologist at King’s College London and MS researcher. Rona joins Roxy to talk about the REFUEL-MS project (which she heads up) and what it might be able to tell us about sleep and MS.

Talking about your mental health can be hard, but it helps to speak to someone. You can visit Mind's website or access the NHS' mental health services. Or you can speak to someone for free on our MS Helpline.

Episode 6

Our final episode is a special one! Nikoma, one of our volunteer interviewers who has MS, speaks to neurologist Dr Agne Straukiene about what happens in our brain when we sleep. Agne shares her own views and opinions.

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