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Getting started

There's a whole range of fantastic ways you can fundraise to make a difference to people living with MS.

You might want to take part in an existing event like a run, cycle or abseil, or organise your own event.

Follow our 4 step plan

  1. Work out how much time you have to commit to fundraising.
  2. Choose something based on your interests.
  3. Pick a manageable amount that you'll attempt to raise.
  4. Think about who you can you get involved and how to interest them:
  • your church or other religious group
  • your school, college or youth group
  • a local community group like a branch of the Rotary Club or Womens Institute
  • music group
  • your local sports club or fitness centre
  • your favourite pub or restaurant

Find more fabulous ideas in our A-Z of fundraising