Photo: Man reading about Personal Independence Payment

Applying for PIP

Many people with MS can claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – a benefit that can help cover the extra costs you may face if you need help doing everyday tasks or find it difficult to get around your home. PIP has two components, you can be awarded either or both of these components.

On this page you can find out if you qualify for PIP. Then, use the flowchart below to work your way through the stages of the claim. Then read more detailed information below about the steps involved.

Filling in the forms is quite complicated. If you can, get help from someone with a lot of experience with applying for PIP. A good place to turn to is an advice agency like Citizens Advice. Your nearest MS Society group can also find you help with your application.

PIP Flowchart

A flow chart displaying the steps of the application processfor PIP

Applying for PIP: step-by-step