MS Helpline Nurses

Meet Razia and Jennifer, two of our MS Helpline Nurses.

Our MS Nurses are available on our MS Helpline to give you medical information on things like treatment options, side-effects of medication, and managing symptoms. They can give you information, support and talk to you about how to get help (but they can't give advice about your specific condition). You can call Our MS Helpline on 0808 800 8000.

Razia wearing a blue headscarf smiles to camera, a bright painting hangs on the wall behind her
Razia has been an MS Nurse for nine years. "I was keen to work for an organisation that has a passion for supporting people with MS. The MS Society has always been on my list of places to work due to the support they provide and awareness they raise of the life-changing condition".
Jennifer looking directly at camera
Jennifer's career as an MS Nurse started in 1997 at one of our respite centres. This year she joined the MS Helpline team just as the country went into lockdown "My day is very much focused around offering support via phone or email on a range of enquiries. These can be from people living with MS, waiting on a diagnosis or with symptoms of MS, or enquiries from their family or friends".