Models of best practice

Evidence shows access to the right health and care professionals, clear information and effective care coordination all contribute to better outcomes for people with MS.

On this page you can read about outstanding and innovative services for people with MS. And apply for a Models of Care evaluation for your organisation or service.

About our models of care programme

To live well with MS, people need the right healthcare, information, and support that meets a range of their needs.

To share how some areas are achieving this, our Models of Care Evaluation Programme provides professional evaluation support to selected services.

The evaluations explore the impact each model of care has on people’s health and wellbeing and the quality of the care they receive. They also look at how well the models might work if applied to other areas.

Who can apply? 

We're looking for services that provide outstanding support for people with MS, or are doing it in a way that hasn’t been done before. 

Our priorities are services looking to

  • improve support for people recently diagnosed with primary or secondary progressive MS 
  • improve care coordination, providing a seamless service for people affected by MS
  • improve access and support for rehabilitation, early diagnosis, and support for carers
  • improve or maintain emotional wellbeing of people affected by MS
  • use innovative workforce models
  • provide inclusive digital approaches to any of the above areas.

To find out more download the brief for service providers.

Applications are open throughout 2021 and we assess applications on an ongoing basis.

Apply or express your interest 

Even if you're not ready to apply yet we'd love to hear from you if you’re interested. Please contact us on [email protected] or on 07795 800 370 to discuss the programme.

Ready to apply now?

Apply for our Innovative Models of Care Evaluation Programme

FACETS report

FACETS (Fatigue: applying cognitive behavioural and energy effectiveness techniques to lifestyle) is a way of managing MS fatigue which includes energy effectiveness and cognitive behavioural approaches.

We surveyed professionals who’ve been trained to deliver FACETS, to estimate the number of people with MS who are benefiting from it.

Patient engagement forums 2019

We want to raise the bar for MS services across the UK, so everyone with MS can access the right treatment, care and support.

However, there’s no system-wide agreement between patients and professionals about what a good quality MS service pathway looks like.

To find this out, we ran a series of forums with people with MS around the UK to talk about their experiences and what they thought constituted a good MS service.

This report captures what people told us and how they would like their MS services to be provided.

Investment in MS services

We believe MS services not only improve people’s quality of life, but may also save money for other parts of the health and care system. We asked York Health Economics Consortium to find out where there’s already evidence of the economic benefits of MS services, and what could be done to help build the evidence base.

Download our report Developing a Case for Investment in MS Services