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Employment and welfare

People with MS should be given support to stay in work as long as possible.

Where welfare is provided, it should be accessible and sufficient to work for everyone with MS who needs it. Find out more about our evidence on employment and welfare support for people with MS.

The cost of the PIP 20 metre rule

The UK Government will save £83.3m over three years as a result of cutting PIP support from people with MS.

But our research suggests this will be outweighed by £92.7m in knock-on costs to UK Government.

Download our research on the PIP 20m rule

All Party Parliamentary Group for MS report on employment

Many people with MS who feel able to work aren’t getting the right support in the workplace. This report by the APPG for MS looks at the ways MS can cause significant challenges at work.

It also includes recommendations on how to improve employment support for people with MS.

Download the Employment that works report