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Certain diets are promoted as effective therapies for MS.

Some people may find they help, though this hasn’t been proven conclusively for people with MS.

However, a healthy diet is good for everyone, and many people with MS find it a good way to manage their health.

Eating nutritionally balanced meals helps the body work to its full potential, which is particularly important for people living with long-term, unpredictable conditions like MS.

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Some people take supplements, though a balanced diet usually provides enough vitamins and minerals for most people. There's no evidence that high doses benefit people with MS.

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If someone is underweight or overweight, it can have an impact on MS symptoms. A dietician can help you manage your weight.

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Some people feel specialist diets make a difference to how they feel, perhaps by reducing relapse rate or improving their overall quality of life; others don’t feel this way. At the moment, there isn’t any conclusive evidence to suggest they are effective.

The Swank diet and the Best Bet diets are common diets promoted to help with MS. 

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