Causes and triggers

Muscles are involved in every movement you make. They get longer and shorter to move and hold the body.

If MS causes nerve damage that affects muscle movements, they can cause a range of problems.

Recognising trigger factors

Investigating potential trigger factors that cause or make your spasms or stiffness worse is a vital step in finding solutions. If you know what is causing the problem, then this can help you deal with it.

For example, something as simple as loosening tight clothing might provide some relief.

The following are some of the more common trigger factors that you and your doctor or MS nurse might consider:

  • an increase in your body temperature (perhaps because of a fever or too much exercise)
  • infections (for example, bladder or chest infections)
  • if you are experiencing a relapse
  • skin irritation (including pressure sores)
  • a full bladder
  • constipation, causing a full bowel
  • overly tight strapping or clothes
  • pain
  • a fractured bone (perhaps caused by a fall)
  • problems with posture
  • emotional stress
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