"My MS helps me connect with my inner self"

Thu 27 April 2023

Jordan Williams

Jordan lives with relapsing remitting MS. He tells us how living with MS has helped him connect with his inner landscape.

Throughout my life, I’ve had a voice in my head that helps me make decisions. It says whether something is funny or not, or if something makes sense - like what’s happening right now as I write this! I never knew I could connect with my inner self. But it’s one of the things that’s stood out to me the most on my MS journey.

How my inner voice helps me

Heat affects me, whether it’s from the weather or a hot bath. And now the connection with my internal voice is there, I’m able to ask myself “are you too hot to stay in this situation?” And, more importantly, is this going to make your situation better or worse? I find it really helps me get through everyday tasks.

Your inner voice is always there, you just have to listen out for it.

Accepting my MS diagnosis

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever: acceptance is key. When I accepted the fact I’ve got MS and nothing’s going to change that, things became a lot easier to deal with. The first step was saying to myself “okay, these are the cards you’ve been dealt. You’re committed to taking part now.” And, with that, every day has become easier. I take control over my MS, rather than let it take control over me.

Your inner voice is always there, you just have to listen out for it. It’s the same voice that helps you decide whether you want a pizza or Chinese. A still drink or a fizzy one? That voice could help you live with your MS, like it helps me.