This MS Awareness Week we’re saying #MSMakesMe…

Monday 24 April 2023

MS Awareness Week is 24 – 30 April. This year we’re teaming up with six other charities to make it bigger and better!

This MS Awareness Week (24 – 30 April) for the first time ever, seven of the UK’s MS charities have come together with one, unified message.

We’re teaming up with MS Trust, Overcoming MS, MS Together,, MS-UK and Neuro Therapy Network to shine a spotlight on MS.

MS is different for everyone

Over 130,000 people live with MS in the UK. A common misconception is that it affects everyone in the same way. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. We know MS is unpredictable and different for everyone, so it can bring up a range of emotions. Some people feel scared, anxious, or alone. But others feel hopeful, resilient, or strong.


This MS Awareness Week we want to highlight the diversity of living with MS. And that’s where you come in. Throughout the week we want you to use the hashtag #MSMakesMe to tell us how MS makes you feel.

For example “#MSMakesMe frustrated” or “#MSMakesMe brave”.

The whole MS community can get involved. So whether you live with MS yourself, or you’re a friend, family member, carer, healthcare professionals or researchers – you’re invited to join the conversation!

Jenni is smiling to the camera she is white with long brown hair and wears glasses. A banner with #MSMakesMe runs above her photo

Jenni's story

Jenni had her first MS relapse in 2021, where she experienced pins and needles in her left leg for a two week period. She had another relapse the following year with pins and needles and weakness in her right arm, and was finally diagnosed with MS in January 2023.

Jenni joined the #MSMakesMe campaign because she wants to raise awareness about how varied the condition is for everybody.

She says: “MS affects everybody differently, and even the diagnosis can affect people in different ways. I found the diagnosis overwhelming, but it wasn't until I started to discuss my treatment plan that I really felt the emotional weight of my diagnosis. That's when I started to realise how much my life was about to change.

#MSMakesMe worry about the people around me

"It's not just me I think about, I worry about the people around me and what impact it might have on them. Some people haven’t reacted how I thought they would and I’ve had to deal with that loss as well as the diagnosis.

“The MS Society has been a huge support to me so far - it's where I found all my support and information after that first conversation with my GP. It inspired me to do something to give back to them, so I'm doing a 5k fundraiser in September at the Bedford Running Festival.

"I wanted to turn my diagnosis into something more positive and help fund research which will help everyone who has MS. Keeping fit and healthy really helps with managing MS so training for the 5k is a way of improving my health and proving to myself that I can still do everything I could do before. It's helped me feel much more optimistic about my future."

Try out a range of activities this week

Throughout the week, the seven charities will be providing a range of activities and support. You could try anything from an accessible exercise classes, to a webinar, to a drop-in support sessions, and more.

Explore our webinars during MS Week

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Nick Moberly, our Chief Executive, says: “We’re so proud to have come together with six other amazing MS charities to launch #MSMakesMe. This campaign has been shaped by insights from the MS community, and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has shared their story.

“We know MS can be painful and relentless, but it can also be hopeful and transformative for some people. Through #MSMakesMe we want to show that no two people’s MS is the same and that it can impact everyone differently. Most importantly, we hope this will open up conversations about the reality of living with a chronic condition and signpost people to the support us, and the other charities offer.”

Search #MSMakesMe to join the conversation.