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Types of research awards

We'll consider any research grant application that's relevant to MS. Applications will be judged on scientific merit and relevance to MS and should be in line with our research strategy. Our research awards can only be held by recognised NHS or UK academic institutions.

We offer four types of research award through our open response-mode funding program, further detailed below.

Read more about the Expert Review Network who help us decide what to fund.

Project Award

The purpose of a project award is to provide support for a time-limited research project designed to answer a single question or a small group of related questions. Such questions must be directed towards our Research Strategy. Project awards provide support for a maximum of three years.

Catalyst Award

Catalyst Awards provide 12 months and up to £50,000 support for a short-term, small-scale pilot or proof of concept research project. These may be “high-risk, high-reward” type projects. It's intended that these awards will encourage established and more junior researchers from both within and outside the MS field to explore innovative ideas in MS research that, if merited, may lead to further support through us or other funding sources.

PhD Fellowship

PhD Fellowships are designed to encourage the best graduates to embark on a research career in MS.

Applications should be made by the prospective supervisor, who should be associated with an established multidisciplinary research group in a UK university department or similar research environment in the UK. The award will provide a competitive tax-free stipend for the candidate student, tuition fees at home student rates and the running costs of the project over a three year period.

Early Career Fellowship

Early Career Fellowships are aimed at attracting and retaining talented post-doctoral researchers who aim to build a successful career in MS research. These grants are intended to provide a staged career structure and provide an opportunity to progress towards higher level appointments.

Unlike in recent years, Early Career Fellowships are now available to those conducting research across the spectrum of MS research, including biomedical research. Applications should be made by the prospective Fellow with a strong supervisory and mentorship team. These awards are for a maximum of four years and up to £250,000.

However, for clinical neurologists embarking on research training we partner with UKRI and NIHR to offer co-funded Fellowships. Please see our funding page page for further information.

You can read our grant round applicant guidance for further information on how to apply.