Grants from the MS Society

We have two grant funds available for people with MS and their carers, living in the UK. These are a health and wellbeing grant, and a carer's grant.

These can help towards a wide range of equipment, adaptations, respite breaks and support for carers and families. You don’t have to be a member of the MS Society to apply.

Health and wellbeing grants

Health and wellbeing grants are here to help you pay for something that will have a significant positive impact on your life.

Eligibility for a health and wellbeing grant

You are eligible to apply for a grant from us if:

  • You have MS or are a carer for someone with MS
  • You live in the UK
  • You have less than £16,000 in accessible savings. If you have over £8,000 you will be expected to make a contribution.
  • There is no statutory or other funding available to help you meet your need
  • You have not received a grant from the MS Society in the last 12 months. 

How often can I apply for a health and wellbeing grant?

You can apply for a Health and wellbeing grant if you have not had a grant from the MS Society in the last 12 months. Please be aware that when awarding grants priority will be given to new applicants.

How do I apply for a health and wellbeing grant?

To apply for a grant you’ll need to fill out an application form. You will also need to provide a letter of support from a health or social care professional and two quotes for the item you are requesting. You can download the application form and guidance notes from this page. We also ask you to fill in our equality monitoring form, though this does not form part of your application.

Our local MS Society group can consider applications for some grants from their own funding. If there is a group in your area, we’ll send your application on to them to consider first. If they can’t help, or can’t cover the whole cost, they’ll ask the grants team to consider a top up.

Please allow at least 12 weeks for us to make a decision about your application.

Small grants from the health and wellbeing fund

If the amount of money that you need towards the cost of your item is less than £500, your grant will be considered a small grant. We aim to let you know the outcome of your small grant application within three weeks of receiving your completed application.

What a health and wellbeing grant can fund:

Our grants can fund many things including, adaptations, scooters, home repairs, holidays and computers. Please get in touch if you're not sure about the item you're requesting.

What a health and wellbeing grant won't fund:

  • Medical treatment, or towards the travel costs related to receiving treatment in another country
  • Ongoing costs, such as daily living costs, debt repayment, legal fees and servicing costs for equipment
  • Private purchase of cars
  • Items that have already been ordered or bought. Please do not make any payments before we have considered your application. Please contact the Grants team if you are being asked to make a payment.

How much can I apply for?

Download the application documents

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Carer's grant fund 

This gives grants to unpaid carers of all ages for a broad range of items. This can include activities they can do for leisure or personal development, such as gaining new knowledge or skills. To apply you will need to complete an application form, and provide a letter of support and two quotes for the item you are requesting.

If you receive Carer's Allowance we don’t count that as being paid. We can’t consider grants for adult carers (aged 25 and over) with over £23,000 in accessible household savings. This includes things like money in the bank and savings accounts, and includes your partner’s savings, if you have a partner. 

If you have over £10,000 in accessible savings, we'll ask you to make a contribution towards the cost of your request. 

If your request is for less than £500 we will let you know the outcome within three weeks of receiving your application, if your request is for over £500 please allow up to 12 weeks to hear the outcome. 

Download the carer's application documents

Data Protection

All details you give us as part of your grant applicaton will be held in line the Data Protection Act 1998 and will only be used to consider your applicaton for funding.

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For more information about grants

If you would like more information about grants from the MS Society or to find the contact details for your local group, please contact the Grants team:

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To find out more about grants from the MS Society, contact your local group or the grants team on 0300 500 8084 or email

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