Getting loud about PIP

At the end of January, Campaigns Community members and Stephen Lloyd MP marched 20 metres to the Department for Work and Pensions to hand in a letter to the Minister for Disabled People.

Our letter raised our concerns for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and had been signed by over 4000 people.

Two days after this stunt the Government made a key change to PIP, making assessments fairer for people with fluctuating conditions, like MS.

Meet the campaigners

Strength in numbers

We were overwhelmed with the support this campaign received:

  • 4101 people signed the letter to the Minister
  • 2732 wrote to their MP
  • 624 different MPs were reached - that's 96% of all MPs!
  • 28 MPs signed the letter

Campaigners also played their part spreading the word and supporting the marchers via social media:

What next?

PIP assessors will now be required by law to consider whether claimants can perform activities "to an acceptable standard, safely, repeatedly, and in a reasonable time period".

Support the campaign

Watch and share the video:

And ask your friends and family to join our Campaigns Community.

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