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MPs tell government to improve disability benefits assessments

MS Society supporter Yolanda giving evidence to the Work and Pensions Committee

A group of MPs has set out recommendations to the government on how it can improve disability benefits assessments.

Last October, the Work and Pensions Select Committee launched an inquiry into how people are assessed for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Faster, cheaper and more innovation: how drug approvals for the NHS are changing

Photo showing doctors and other health professionals sitting around a table

Changes are being made to the way drugs are approved for the NHS. Here’s what you need to know about the changes – and what they might mean for people with MS.

People with MS leaving work challenged by lack of support

A woman standing on a bridge in front of the houses of parliament. She is holding a placard that says 'Stand up for people with MS'

For some people with MS, the difficult decision to leave work is being made harder by a lack of support, according to our new research.

Legalise cannabis for medicinal use

Graphic shows a lamp with the text it shouldn't be illegal to be able to sleep through the night

For some people with MS, there’s no effective treatment for their pain and muscle spasms. Cannabis for medicinal use could help. People with MS shouldn’t have to break the law to get the relief they need.

Work health and disability Green Paper response falls short

Photo shows man in mobility scooter outside Westminster holding a sign that says Make welfare make sense

This week the Government published its official response to last year's Green Paper on work, health and disability. It addresses some of our concerns, but we need more commitment to support for people with MS.

Give us a Budget for people with MS

Photo shows hand holding up red budget briefcase from business insider

This Wednesday Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, will outline how the government plans to spend the nation's money in the Autumn Budget.

Here's four things we want the Chancellor to commit to for people with MS.

What a relief: UK Toilets all mapped out for World Toilet Day

Today is the 16th World Toilet Day, a special day to raise awareness of the world sanitation crisis and, more locally, of toilet provision for people who really need them.

We can't afford not to make cannabis available for medical use

Photo shows researcher holding cannabis plant

Steve is 55, he was diagnosed with MS in 1987. This is his story.

The nightmare is finding the right care

Photo shows Mike and Janet sitting down smiling to camera. Janet clasps Mike's arm.

Janet looks after her husband Mike who has progressive MS. They rely on respite care for any kind of break - but it's not easy to find care that works.

'Our quality of life went out the window'

Photo shows Paul in a red jumper sitting reading a document with Lesley who wears a blue top

Paul is 72 and the primary carer for his wife Lesley who has progressive MS. They tried paid care three years ago but it wasn't a good experience. So now Paul looks after Lesley's needs alone.

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