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How you shaped our response to the Green Paper on work and disability

Photo of Big Ben clock face against blue sky

In 2015, the Government pledged to halve the gap in employment between disabled and non-disabled people. Last November (2016), they set out some proposals of how they might achieve their goal in a Green Paper. Our Policy Manager, Laura Wetherly explains how people with MS shaped our response.

Campaigning for change: speaking out against ESA cuts

This year has been a busy one for our campaigners, who’ve been fighting hard to protect ESA from cuts. Our Public Affairs Officer Jonathan gave us the scoop.

Working with MS: supportive employers can make a difference

MS can change from day to day and cause extra challenges in the workplace. If you can or do work, the right support from your employer can make a big difference.

We spoke to people with MS whose supportive employers have made their working lives easier.

What does the new Government consultation mean for people with MS?

Last week the Government launched a consultation on its plan to improve employment support for those with chronic conditions. But what does this mean for people with MS? We got our Senior Policy Officer Laura on the case.   

Too many people with MS will recognise the reality of 'I, Daniel Blake'

Image from Ken Loach's film I, Daniel Blake

Ken Loach’s new film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ has got everyone talking about Britain’s disability benefits system.

The reality of working with MS – Daniel speaks to Parliament

I was diagnosed with MS four years ago and I’m not letting it get me down. I work full time and was recently promoted – but I know I’m the exception. With proper support, MS doesn’t always mean saying goodbye to work.

Reviewing employment support

On Tuesday morning I found myself in Committee Room 14 of The House of Commons – the same room in which they’ll announce our new Prime Minister.

Top tips for campaigning from our Inspiration of the Year

Shana Pezaro won our Inspiration of the Year award in 2016 for her tireless campaigning to improve support for people with MS. So who better to give us a few hints and tips on the topic?

Shana's gone above and beyond by lobbying MPs, attending party conferences and representing people with MS on a European level.

Why campaigning matters to me – Jo's story

I’ve campaigned with the MS Society in many ways. I took part in a photoshoot for the Treat Me Right campaign, but the most memorable day would be going to Parliament to speak to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for MS.

I went to speak about helping people with MS stay in their workplace. Supporting the needs or adjustments we may have at work is important to keep us employed, earning money, active and happy.

MS nurse Emma's hard work recognised

“All of us MS nurses go above and beyond what we’re supposed to do. We’re in this line of work because we’re passionate about helping people with MS, and to get a pat on the back for that is just brilliant.” 

So said MS Professional of the Year winner and MS nurse Emma Matthews after hearing she’d been nominated for a 2016 MS Award.

Putting MS at the heart of the national elections

It may seem like no time at all since the 2015 UK General Election but for campaigners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland there are important elections just around the corner.

The elections for the Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly and the National Assembly for Wales take place on 5 May and the decisions made at these national legislatures have an ever increasing impact on people’s lives.

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