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Rebecca and her family at the parliamentary event

Our week in Westminster

This week we headed to Westminster to launch the #BackThe1in6 campaign with Rebbecca, who lives with MS, and her family. A debate also took place on MS and neurological services in the House of Lords. 

We've launched a new joint campaign with the Neurological Alliance. It calls on UK governments to back the 1 in 6 people in the UK who live with a neurological condition, so they can access the services and support they need. 

Representing the MS community in Parliament 

On Wednesday, we were in Westminster to speak to MPs about the campaign, and why it’s so important. Rebbecca, living with MS, joined us at the event. She was also involved in co-producing the campaign, to make sure it met the needs of people with MS and neurological conditions. Rebbecca said: 

"I was happy to be a part of the co-production group for this campaign. Having different people with different views all together, is really important. We are all from different walks of life sharing experiences. We talked about who is getting support and who isn’t, and learned from each other. 

"It’s great to attend this important event with my family and raise awareness. We have two different neurological conditions within the family, and relatives can give a really different perspective of what people go through." 

MS treatment – a prime candidate for levelling up? 

On Thursday, Lord Dubs, who works closely with us, brought forward a debate about health and care services for people with neurological conditions. This debate took place in the House of Lords.

Lord Dubs spoke about the strain that neurological and MS services are under and what can be done to improve them. This included training more MS nurses and specialist neurologists and improving access to MS treatments.  

Lord Monks also spoke about being a carer for his son, who lives with secondary progressive MS, and highlighted the regional inequalities in access to MS treatments. 

He asked: “is MS treatment not a prime candidate for the levelling up agenda? We have sharp regional imbalances; some parts of the country are better off than others at tackling MS by providing access to disease-modifying drugs and treatment.” 

Raising awareness

This debate helped us raise awareness of the campaign in the House of Lords, and Lord Dubs raised the challenges people with MS face in accessing treatments and services. With Peers supporting a Neuro Taskforce, together, we can make a difference. 

Closing the debate, Health Minister Lord Kamall agreed to meet with us and Lord Dubs to discuss our key campaign ask: establishing a Neuro Taskforce for the UK.  

Calling for change 

Delays to life-changing treatment and care, and a lack of mental wellbeing support can’t continue.  

Please support the #BackThe1in6 campaign and help create real change, by signing the petition today. 

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