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Diet and nutrition (booklet)

There are many claims made about how diet can help you manage your MS, but it can be hard to know what evidence backs up these claims.

Eating is more than just something we need to do. It’s something to be enjoyed – it can be a fun social activity, a cultural experience and something to make you feel good. And a healthy diet that suits how you live can make a difference to how you feel.

In this booklet we describe the kind of healthy diet that most people should aim for – one that has a balance of different kinds of foods. We’ll also talk about some of the claims made for special diets for MS. We look at the evidence, to help you make up your own mind about what you choose to eat.

Because MS symptoms can sometimes affect what you eat and how you prepare meals, we’ve got tips on planning, preparing, and clearing away. There’s information too on other organisations that can help with issues around food and eating. 

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Diet and nutrition