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Disability equipment

Equipment is available from a variety of sources, not just the NHS.

Mobility equipment (wheelchairs, walking aids etc) is supplied by hospital based wheelchair service and local wheelchair distribution centres. You can find out more on our wheelchairs and scooters page.

Home nursing equipment (for example a pressure relief mattress) is supplied by hospital departments and community nurses.

Again, you can refer yourself or ask your:

  • MS nurse
  • hospital ward manager
  • GP
  • district nurse

Paying for equipment

You will not normally have to pay for equipment. However, you may only receive the cheapest, most basic option. For example, many wheelchair services do not provide electric wheelchairs, though all will provide a manual one.

If you want something more expensive you might have to make up the difference.

The MS Society and some other organisations offer grants or assistance to help fill this gap. For more information see the grants page or contact our grants team on 0300 500 8084. It's hard to get any financial help for equipment once you have bought it, so apply in advance.

For more information, and advice on the type of equipment that is best for you, contact the Disabled Living Foundation.