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Universal Credit

You might be able to claim Universal Credit if you’re not in work or your income is low.

Universal Credit has replaced these ‘legacy’ benefits for most people:

Universal Credit is one payment, usually paid monthly and based on all your household’s circumstances.

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How much could I get with Universal Credit?

How much you get for Universal Credit depends on your household’s circumstances. The single payment is made up of a 'standard allowance' and extra amounts if they apply to your situation. 

For example, you might get more depending on how your MS affects you, if you get help with housing costs, or if you look after children.

Find out how much you could get with Universal Credit at 

What if I still get a ‘legacy’ benefit?

Universal Credit is being rolled out gradually. If you still get one of the benefits it replaces, you might be contacted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) about moving to Universal Credit. 

When this might happen depends on where you live. But Universal Credit is expected to be across the UK by 2024. 

You could be asked to move to Universal Credit if your circumstances change and you need to let the DWP know – though not all changes mean you need to move across. Get advice before you make any changes. 

The Work Capability Assessment and Universal Credit

Depending on how your MS affects you, you might be asked to complete the Work Capability Assessment as part of your claim. 

This is so the DWP can assess how any health conditions affect the work you could do. They use it to decide: 

  • how much you can get 
  • if you need to prepare for future work

To complete the assessment, you need to explain how well you can do different activities. It can be stressful, involving a questionnaire as well as a face-to-face or telephone assessment.  

We hope our step-by-step guide to the Work Capability Assessment makes the task a little easier, but the MS Helpline is also here if you need information or support. They talk to people every week about benefits issues.

Find out more about Universal Credit before you claim

It’s important to be sure you want to go ahead before making a claim. 

If you get one of the legacy benefits at the moment, you might not be better off changing to Universal Credit. And once you’ve begun a claim you can’t go back to the old benefit. 

A benefits calculator could help you check what to expect, but you might also want to speak with a benefits adviser. 

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Make a claim for Universal Credit

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