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Lynn Duffy

A photo of Lynn Duffy

Dr Lynn Duffy is our Research Communications Officer.

Under the microscope: meet your inner warriors

The immune system is made up of a diverse cast of characters, all with a unique role to play in protecting our bodies from harm. Here we introduce four of the most important immune cell types in MS.

Biomarkers: the road to certainty

One of our goals is to give people with MS more certainty about their future. To help achieve this, researchers are investigating the biomarkers of MS.

Nerve power

Mitochondria are the fuel packs of your nerve cells. Small but mighty, they provide the energy that busy nerve cells need to survive.

Salt and MS - the research

There are lots of good health reasons why we should avoid eating too much salt. But does it play a role in MS? We dive into the research.

Behind the scenes of the new simvastatin trial

Last year we secured funding for a phase 3 trial of simvastatin, a drug for people with secondary progressive MS. Now that the trial’s begun recruiting we quizzed Research Manager Marie Braisher on its inner workings.

Under the microscope: heat sensitivity

While some people bask in the sunshine, for people with MS the summer months can be hard. Over 60% of people with MS say that their symptoms get worse in the heat. With symptoms like fatigue, blurred vision and muscle weakness all getting worse with changes in temperature, heat sensitivity can have a massive impact on someone’s life. But what causes heat sensitivity in MS? And what can researchers do to help? We put heat sensitivity under the microscope and speak to a researcher whose work could lead to treatments that stop MS symptoms getting worse in the heat.

Getting the right support when you're diagnosed with MS

Dealing with a diagnosis of MS can be daunting and getting the right support can be crucial. We spoke to Professor Roshan das Nair from the University of Nottingham about his work to improve the experience of people at diagnosis.

Progressive MS: a new perspective

Targeting the immune system not is as effective for progressive MS as it has been for relapsing MS. We spoke with Professor Chris Linington from the University of Glasgow about his research to understand why this is.

More than just a game

Whether it's Call of Duty or Candy Crush, computer games are big business and the mounting popularity of ‘gaming’ shows no signs of slowing down. But could gaming tech help people with MS?