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Caz Makin

Caz. She has short blond hair and is wearing a red jumper.

Caz is 47 with relapsing remitting MS

Some thoughts on turning 50

I can’t believe I’m almost 50. When I was younger, I thought people who were 50 were really old. And now that’s me.

No more shoulds: what lockdown has done for me

I’ve been thinking and I’ve realised what lockdown has done for me. It’s given me freedom. Freedom from my social anxieties, but also the freedom to live how I like to live, without the guilt that I’m not doing it right.

Coming out of my lockdown bubble

Caz lives with multiple sclerosis (MS). As the coronavirus lockdown starts to ease in the UK, she blogs about how she feels about about going back into the world from her 'safety bubble'.