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Babs Guthrie

Babs Guthrie

Babs is our Senior Editor. Her team looks after the content on our website and makes sure we're telling our MS community's stories the best way we can.

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Making a difference together in 2018

We've done so much together this year. We've reached thousands of people with help and support, spoken up on issues that matter and funded groundbreaking reasearch. Thank you to all of you who've made it possible.

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MS can be very lonely

I was diagnosed in 2008 with highly active relapsing MS. I really love live music. But MS means I can’t go to a gig unless I've done my homework and know there will be somewhere for me to sit.

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5 myths about smoking and MS

We know giving up smoking can be really hard whether you have MS or not. And there’s a lot of misinformation out there. So we’ve reviewed the evidence to bust the top 5 myths about smoking and MS.

Photo: Caryl who has MS standing in her garden with a walking aid

Caryl lost out under the PIP 20 metre rule

Caryl lives with her husband in Carmarthenshire. She has difficulty walking because of her MS. But earlier this year she made a 10 hour round trip to Westminster to tell MPs: it's time to scrap the PIP 20 metre rule.

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It was like being held to ransom

My assessor wasn’t aware I had MS and had obviously not read my medical reports or any of the supporting documents I had sent. I had to fight to get PIP.

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The 20 metre rule is a pointless test

When I was re-assessed for PIP. I could walk okay, but MS is a complex condition. As a result I was downgraded after my assessment as I'm 'getting better'.

photo of Paul and Leslie

'Our quality of life went out the window'

Paul is 72 and the primary carer for his wife Lesley who has progressive MS. They tried paid care three years ago
but it wasn't a good experience. So now Paul looks after Lesley's needs alone.

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What we won in 6 weeks of action

In September 2017 we took six weeks of action to speak out on issues affecting people with MS across the UK. Here's what we achieved together.

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'I want a say in my care'

Pam, 50, has primary progressive MS. Five years ago she had an operation and was sent home with a care package. She now has two carers each morning and evening.

David Allen

'I just struggled alone'

David was diagnosed with MS in 1996. He used to have a good social care package, but had to contribute a lot more after being financially reassessed in 2010. He put a stop to his care because of the stress caused by the financial burden.

The London Eye

5 reasons to walk this way

Do you like to be beside the seaside? We do. And we think you will too when you see our two great challenge events, London 2 Brighton and the South Coast Challenge.