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Su, Ayad, Jessica, Robby and Roxy taking our Neurology Now open letter to Westminster

Photo: Su, Ayad, Jessica, Robby and Roxy after taking our Neurology Now open letter to Westminster

We've called on the government to act for #NeurologyNow

Almost 8,000 people have signed our open letter calling for UK governments to act now to address the urgent needs in neurology services.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been asking you to sign our Neurology Now open letter to UK governments calling for a plan to restore and improve neurology services across the UK. Today we delivered the letter to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) in Westminster.

We're calling for a plan to build a thriving, sustainable neurology workforce with investment in training in the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.

We will deliver the open letters that you signed in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the coming weeks. We're starting this Thursday, when we will be in Edinburgh to deliver the letter to the Health and Social Care directorate of the Scottish Government.

Speaking with MPs and Peers about #NeurologyNow!

After the hand-in, we headed over to UK Parliament where we held a drop in event for MPs and members of the House of Lords to talk about Neurology Now.

We spoke with over 40 MPs and Peers about the need for urgent action to make sure everyone with MS has access to the right professionals and treatment, at the right time, across the UK.

Jessica, Robby, Ayad, Su and Roxy, who are all living with MS, joined us to tell parliamentarians about their experiences with MS services. After the event, Roxy said:

“It’s been really interesting to speak with MPs and Peers. It was great to share my story with people that make change, and that many of them have experiences of MS too. It was also great to hear insight from a neurologist and speak with them too”.

Consultant neurologist Dr Waqar Rashid addressed parliamentarians. He said:

“I’m pleased to be talking about neurology services and to raise the profile of this area. There is a clear need to get services back to and beyond where they were pre-pandemic.

It has been interesting to hear the effect that the impact on services has had on people with MS and we need to look at what the Government can do to improve neurology services.”


Keeping up the pressure

It's vital people can access essential services and support from the NHS through every stage of their MS journey. So we’ll be keeping the pressure on.

Tomorrow, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review, which sets out its spending plans for the next three years.

We’re calling for enough funding to support the development of national plans to restore and improve neurology service. And extra funding to recruit and retain neurology professionals. We will report back on what is announced, and how this might affect people affected by MS.

We'll also meet Professor Steve Powis, the National Medical Director for NHS England next week to discuss our report and proposals.

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