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We're supporting the new We Are Undefeatable campaign

We Are Undefeatable is back with a major new campaign to inspire people living with long-term health conditions to get more active.

We Are Undefeatable is a collaboration we’re part of with 14 other health charities, supported by Sport England and the National Lottery. The “Move to Your Mood” campaign launched this week alongside a nationwide TV advert.  

Move to Your Mood

We know there are days when we rise less than shining and a bad start to the day can affect our outlook for many hours. Chances are you won’t feel like talking, let alone moving, making it difficult to keep active. But with the right support you can have the confidence to get moving whatever your mood. A recent survey showed 67% of people feel in a better mood after physical activity.

Activity videos will be released as part of the campaign featuring Gok Wan and people living with long term health conditions. There is also a shiny new TV advert that you will see on screens across the UK over the next few weeks.

Part of a strong community

Phoebe Day, 33, from Hampshire lives with MS and features in the TV advert. She also lives with depression and anxiety and following her diagnosis didn’t want to leave the house. Since getting a puppy Phoebe has found a new love for being active and appreciates how it helps her manage her health conditions.

Phoebe says: “I have to really love an activity to motivate myself to get out on my tough days. Having a bouncy sausage dog doesn’t give me any excuse to not get out for a walk. Even on days when I’m struggling to walk very far I’ll find a bench and let Noodle run around the field. Also the benefits to my mental health with things like swimming in the sea have really changed my outlook. 

“When I was diagnosed I felt locked away in my body and brain. Getting out more now and swimming in the sea has really unlocked things for me again. It's made me a lot happier which in turn helps me manage my MS a lot better.”

The benefits of exercise for MS

Our Chief Executive, Nick Moberly, says: “It’s a common myth that people with MS will make their condition worse if they exercise. In reality, physical activity can actually help manage symptoms like fatigue, balance problems, or muscle spasms – as well as improve your mood and generally keep you as healthy as possible.

“Depression can affect around 50% of people with MS and many experience other mental health problems. We hope this campaign will show that whatever your mood and however severe or mild your MS symptoms are, there are activities for all that could help improve your situation.”

Head over to our We Are Undefeatable page to find ways to move