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Diroximel fumarate (Vumerity) approved for active relapsing MS in Scotland

Today the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) approved diroximel fumarate (Vumerity) as a new treatment option for relapsing MS in adults with active disease.

What is diroximel fumarate?

Diroximel fumarate (Vumerity) is an oral treatment and is taken as a tablet twice a day

Studies have shown that diroximel fumarate works in a very similar way to dimethyl fumarate (Tecfidera), another available MS treatment. And results so far suggest diroximel fumarate is similar to dimethyl fumarate in how effective it is at reducing relapses. But diroximel fumarate has been shown to be less likely to cause gastrointestinal side effects than dimethyl fumarate.

Diroximel fumarate’s approval means there are now 17 disease modifying therapies available on the NHS in Scotland.

More treatment options for people in Scotland

Morna Simpkins, our Director in Scotland, said: “It’s very welcome that diroximel fumarate has been approved for use on the NHS in Scotland.

“It will provide people with relapsing MS with another treatment option to manage their condition and help prevent symptoms.

“We hope that appraisal bodies in other parts of the UK follow suit as soon as possible, so everyone with MS can access diroximel fumarate if it's the right option for them.

"Being able to have a choice is so important"

Gillian McGhee is a dental nurse and was diagnosed with MS in 2017. She spoke about the importance of having different treatment options.

Gillian said: “For me, taking an oral treatment is so much simpler. Having more MS treatments and being able to have a choice is so important.

“People’s lifestyles change and treatments don’t agree with everybody. Some people I know have started treatments and have had to change due to side effects.

“The more treatment options that are available, the more likely it’ll be that people can find a treatment that works for them.”

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