Carers' rights at work

There are currently over three million working carers in the UK. Work is important for helping to maintain wellbeing and income and to keep social contacts.

There are things you can do to cope with the pressures of work and care.

As a working carer you are likely to need a range of support in the workplace, and often different levels of support at different times. Support could range from needing access to a telephone to check on the person you care for, to flexible leave arrangements that allow you to pick up the person you care for from appointments.

The good news is that carers have some statutory rights when it comes to support in the workplace and more and more employers are recognising the benefits of supporting carers.

The Carers UK website has lots of useful information about carers' rights in the workplace, including:

  • statutory rights at work to help balance caring with work.
  • telling your employer about caring responsibilities
  • the new laws on flexible working and carer's leave that came into force in 2024
  • seeking support in the workplace
  • what to do if you're thinking of leaving work
  • your options if you leave your job
  • looking for work
  • returning to work

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