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Fampridine awareness

In this webinar, Dr Marguerite Hill, Consultant Neurologist in MS at Morriston Hospital and Lynne Watson, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist at Morriston Hospital, share their knowledge and insight of prescribing fampridine and delivering extensive fampridine clinics.

The session includes:

  • sharing how the fampridine service was developed in Swansea Bay UHB
  • how the drug is administered
  • eligibility
  • benefits
  • side effects
  • patient outcomes

Martin Mitchell, who uses fampridine, also shares his experiences of taking the drug.

It will give you a good insight into the drug fampridine, also known as Fampyra. This treatment is particularly important for people who have progressive forms of MS. Fampridine has been proven to be effective in 40% of people who are clinically eligible for it and it can have a significant positive impact on their quality of life. It can speed up responders walking by approximately 25% and significantly enhance their mobility.

Watch the Fampridine awareness webinar

Cultural Awareness within Neurorehabilitation

We collaborated with the Greater Manchester Neurorehabilitation and Stroke Integrated Delivery Network on long term conditions and treating culturally diverse patients. On Wednesday 13 December 2023, we held a webinar that included presentations from Dr Carol Sampson, (Neuropsychologist), Suki Wong, (Neuro Physiotherapist) and Joanna Rutkowska-Wheeldon (Neuro Occupational Therapist). 

They shared their practice and patient case studies of applying cultural awareness to improve outcomes.  These case studies highlighted the importance and value of cultural and value-based goal setting. It also explored how understanding these values can help shape neurorehabilitation services and improve patient care.  

   Watch the Cultural Awareness within Neurorehabilitation Webinar   

Supporting patients with progressive MS on general wards  

This webinar was led by Miranda Olding and Emma Matthews. They discussed a new pathway that can support faster and safer discharge from hospital wards.

The pathway was developed in collaboration with specialist MS nurses, ward staff and people with MS. It provides simple prompts for key action points that need addressing when caring for someone with progressive MS during their stay. Such as continence, spasticity, dehydration and infection.

                                  Watch the pathway webinar on YouTube

Delivering cognitive screening and rehabilitation within MS pathways 

This webinar focused on the application of psychological and neuropsychological science to better understand and treat psychological issues related to neurological conditions. It also covered how cognitive screening and rehabilitation can be delivered remotely by mobile phones or online platforms (like Microsoft Teams). And provided an overview of:

  • what kind of cognitive screening can be done within your clinic
  • the evidence of the effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation
  • how you and your team can offer some support towards cognitive rehabilitation.

We are grateful to Professor Roshan das Nair of University of Nottingham (UK) and SINTEF (Norway), and Lauren Taylor, PhD Student Clinical Psychology for leading the webinar and sharing their research findings.

                   Watch the Cognitive Screening webinar on YouTube

MS Bladder and Bowel Pathway 

We know neurological bladder and bowel dysfunction has wide-ranging negative impacts on the quality of life for people living with MS.

In this webinar, a range of expert speakers included Sue Thomas, who chaired the group that updated the Consensus guidelines. They shared the work that they have been involved with in developing and implementing the MS Bladder and Bowel pathway. As well as some examples of specific continence services across the UK.

            Watch the Bladder and Bowel Pathway webinar on YouTube

There was also an opportunity to pose your questions about the pathway and its implementation to our panel. Below is a summary of the questions that were asked and the responses.

Read the summary of questions and answers from the webinar (PDF, 859KB)

Co-designing NeuroResponse – digital, speedy UTI assessment and treatment at your fingertips 

NeuroResponse is a service that allows people with MS in north and central London to get quick and easy 24/7 access to clinicians at NHS 111 to aid early detection of urinary tract infections. This helps reduce the need for GP appointments and unnecessary hospital attendances.

Many people living with MS experience urinary tract infections. But getting appropriate advice and treatment can be a challenge. In this webinar we shared how an MS community came together to co-design NeuroResponse, which provides timely assessment and treatment. 

We discussed the principles of co-design, the barriers and enablers of innovation in the NHS, and explored experiences to see how 'people power' can transform care delivery. You’ll also find out how to access this innovative service in the recording.

                   Watch the NeuroResponse webinar on YouTube