Things to consider when purchasing a mobility aid

Daniel Stone, Managing Director at TGA Mobility, offers some advice on choosing the right mobility aid for you.

For 35 years, TGA has been committed to providing mobility products of the highest standard to help our customers not just get by, but thrive.

Mobility is different for everyone, so the key is finding what best suits you and your needs.

There are various mobility aids available, including mobility scooters, powerchairs, and wheelchairs. Understanding your preferences and lifestyle is important when making your choice.


It’s important to find a mobility aid that’s comfortable for you, especially if you experience fatigue or discomfort. Look for a mobility aid with ergonomic seating, adjustable features, and adequate cushioning to ensure maximum support and comfort during extended use. For example, the Breeze S4 or Vita E.

Ability to transport it

Consider if you need your scooter to be transportable, particularly if you plan to travel frequently. Some mobility scooters or powerchairs can be disassembled or folded for easy storage in a car, while others may need a vehicle with a ramp or lift for transportation. Think about your lifestyle and the places you intend to visit to make the most practical choice. There are many scooters and powerchairs that are suitable to take in the car, but that can also be used on many public transport services such as the bus, plane or train. This includes the Minimo scooters and Whill powerchair range.

Where you’ll use it

Think about where you want to take your scooter. Do you want something that can go on all kinds of terrain and long distances? Some products such as the Scoozy can go up to 60 miles! Longer range is essential if you plan on using your mobility aid for extended periods or longer journeys.

Legal requirements

In the UK, there are legal requirements and regulations governing the use of mobility aids, particularly on public roads and pavements. Make sure your chosen scooter or powerchair complies with regulations and standards for safe usage.

Warranty and after-sales support

Make sure you find a retailer that offers warranties and reliable after-sales support. This ensures that you have peace of mind and assistance in case of any issues or concerns with your mobility aid. TGA offers 2 and 3 year warranties - with servicing and insurance plans to avoid unexpected repair costs. 

Take your time to research and find the perfect mobility aid that matches your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. TGA Mobility offer free, no-obligation home demonstrations so you can try out different products and find one that suits you and your needs.

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