Hope Reborn: “A wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for MS"

We’re thrilled to have worked closely with the classical music composer Fabio D’Andrea and the Game of Thrones actor Rose Leslie on Fabio’s new music video.

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The video ‘Hope Reborn’ accompanies his latest classical single release. In the film Rose’s character Amy experiences her first MS symptoms, receives a diagnosis and finds support from the MS community. 

They both spoke to us about raising the profile of MS and how people with the condition were involved throughout the process.  

Rose and Fabio sitting on a sofa, talking. Photo by Ralu Chase.

Fabio D’Andrea: 

"I have friends with MS and I’ve seen how it affects people. I thought it would be really good to tackle something which isn’t too well known. I thought it would be an interesting topic to deal with because you have symptoms which are invisible and then you have symptoms which are very visible and it changes for different people.  

Inspired from true life events 

"I had an amazing workshop with volunteers from both charities. They were able to share stories about what’s happened in their lives. We were able to put those into the film itself. So some scenes are inspired from true life events. 

"It really was about collaborating with everybody. Talking to people who have MS, talking to people who have friends or family who have MS and people from each charity." 

Rose having her make up done on the Hope Reborn set. Photo by Ralu Chase.

Rose Leslie: 

"I’ve been an avid supporter of the fantastic MS Society for a while now. I felt like this was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis and to highlight the invisible symptoms that people who are living with MS will often experience. 

"During filming we met some fantastic volunteers from the MS Society and from Overcoming MS who were kind enough to share their first-hand experiences of living with the condition. It was really important to us that the portrayal of the condition in the video was as authentic as possible.  

A positive message for people with MS  

"I really hope that the video will provide a positive message to anyone who does have this condition - that it’s still possible to live a full life."

Watch the Hope Reborn film